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Adventure in Bilingual TTRPG!

From 7 to 107, we will play our role.

What is roleplaying?

Not content with being naturally social, humans are storytellers. They have always transmitted their history and those of their ancestors; in the past by their own words by the fireside, then with the help of more and more sophisticated media, until today when exchanges have never been so easy and global.

Dice, chips, figurines and playing cards have replaced stones, twigs and other debris. The Internet has sublimated the transcription on paper. But this need to invent myths and legends individually and within a group endures and will endure forever. To blossom and de-stress after a hard day, nothing beats role-playing.


Change of scenery and adventures galore


Develop your characters, live their emotions


Imaginary fights, real puzzles, real bonds

Photo de Justin Durel

I will be your french player and/or dungeon master

What added value in my life?

This game, complex but with a progressive difficulty, of the most emotionally intense, is not only an entertainment but a real way to reveal and develop your abilities, be it strategy, empathy, comedy or tragedy.

Whether you want to learn dramatic improvisation or perfect your skills; whether you want to spend an original evening with friends or go on an epic quest for months, I will immerse you in a pre-selected world, be it fantasy or historical.


French touch, courtesy and romantism


Part-time comedian : laughable NPCs

Current and Upcoming Adventures

Personalized Adventure in the Terra Orchestra World

Experience custom-tailored D&D adventures in our immersive homebrew world, Terra Orchestra.

StarCraft Comes to D&D with DragonChiffchaff

We offer unique D&D campaigns set in the StarCraft universe, utilizing our DM’s Guild guidebook, “Crafting Stars: March of the Swarm“.

Expat: From Struggles to Fresh Starts

Expat” is an upcoming board game simulating modern struggles of French life with an aim for a new beginning abroad.

DragonChiffchaff’s Innovative TTRPG

Discover DragonChiffchaff’s upcoming TTRPG system, rolling D6 to offer unique journeys through alternative or underwater histories.

Running Campaign

La Geste Du Sang-Froid



Immerse yourself in the captivating story unfolding in our current campaign, ‘La Geste du Sang-Froid.’ Launched on March 5th, 2020, five players have been weaving a tale of adventure and intrigue under the D&D 5th Edition rules in the homebrew world of ‘Terra Orchestra.’ Our narrative is marked by original, twisting plots, familiar elements in unexpected situations, and a healthy dose of humor. Although the campaign is in progress and not accepting new participants, we invite you to follow the ongoing exploits of our adventurers and get a taste of the unique role-playing experience DragonChiffchaff offers. Stay tuned for upcoming games where you can create your own saga!


The Ultimate Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

The Ultimate Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Dungeons & Dragons! Delve into the captivating world of D&D and learn to create memorable stories with your friends. Discover the ins and outs of cooperative storytelling, character creation, and world-building in this comprehensive guide.

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